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  • Your reflection is beautiful. But you are more beautiful.
  • The calm between the waves — is where my mind creates.⠀
Photo: @nickfyc
  • Because this is my everyday life. #coconuteverything
  • I love airports. ✈️ It’s one of those places that are “not places.” An airport, a train station, a bus stop — they are never the destination – just a line on the itinerary. But why do I love them? It gives you time to wait. Waiting gives you forced periods of nothingness. You are waiting to board and have no obligations to meet. Just waiting for a group number to be announced. I like to read, write, add to my travel journal while waiting. Call my friends. Here, waiting, you are free, and you haven’t even reached the sky yet. ☀️🌎
  • What we don’t realize is that the supernatural is natural. It’s in its name. It's in the air we breathe.
  • The small details of Sevilla enchant me. I love this city. If you have a couple days in Spain, you shouldn't miss this Andalusian gem. Make sure you get the best experience with the travel itinerary on my blog! @gina_alyse ✨☀️