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Gina Alyse - Fuel Your Creative Calling

Ready to awaken your creative + adventurous spirit?


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Here, we're all about fueling our creative callings and going places we've never been before. 

It's nice to meet you!

I'm Gina, a writer and digital designer, who chases sunshine, loves Jesus, and likes to explore different creative outlets.

On my blog, I cater to groups of bloggers, 20-somethings, travelers and dreamers, seeking to live a life of purpose. I believe we are all creative, and we are all artists. No matter your job, passions or skills, we are called to be creative in a very unique and personal way. We are meant to solve world problems, be the best versions of ourselves and innovate in very clear and earth-shaking ways.

I believe we are called to be creative in every aspect of our lives.

Gina Alyse

So how did I get to where I am?

I graduated from Elon University, now living in the Washington D.C. area. During the day, I work as Executive Director for a local nonprofit, which serves children with developmental disabilities. At my job, I get to be a part of a start-up atmosphere and test my creativity through many projects and initiatives. In my spare time, you can find me making vegan recipes, purchasing too many notebooks, reading a good book or sitting around a bonfire with friends.

In spring 2014, I discovered my passion for traveling when I studied abroad in Seville, Spain, where I visited cities in Europe and North Africa. Traveling has shaped many of my beliefs about healthy and simple living. It's also helped me inspire others to live openly and creatively.

This is why I'm excited for you. 

I believe something magical happens when you combine adventure and creativity. And that can only happen in the context of positive community. I hope to become a travel companion in your journey of finding your next step towards your calling.

Let's do that together? Here are the roads I can help you navigate:

Creative Living – Ever wonder if your idea is actually a good one? If you are good enough to publish an e-book, write a blog, start a photography business or begin coaching? Ever feel creatively depressed? Or want to feel that spark again? Let's discover what we're supposed to create – and gain the confidence to do it.

Blogging & Design Tips – Let me take your blog to the next level with actionable design and content tips, helping you transform your online story.

Travel & Adventures – You don't have to travel to go on adventures. (But it sure helps!) Here, we will chat about travel guides, adventure tips and ways to keep the spirit of traveling with you during the everyday.

Healthy Living – If we are living with purpose, we must fuel our mental, physical and spiritual health. Health is always a journey, but it should also always be a priority. You can follow along with my health tips for self-care, food and diet, and more.

Let's connect and be friends! You can find me on Instagram (a lot), Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. Or you can send an email straight to my inbox!

  • At breakfast this morning, my friend Juliana asked what my word is for 24. After thinking about it for just a little while, it came to me – discovery. 🌎
As I go into this year, I want to discover more about myself, the world and God. I want to always be in a process of discovering, of learning and of dreaming. ⠀
Discovering hope. Patience. Kindness. Thoughtfulness. Adventure. Beauty. Friendship. ⠀
A lot goes past us when we don't stop to marvel and discover. We miss so much. There are infinite stories, connections and gifts around us that it's kind of frightening to know we often don't connect with them. ⠀
Let's open a door to someplace new. There are so many doors around us, unlocked but unseen. Now we say: let's go on through. ✨
Cheers to a year of discovering the new and the old and discovering what's been there all along. ⠀
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I'm excited for this year! ☺️
PC: @nickfyc
  • Dying of cuteness! One of my goals in life is to have a pet duck or at least know someone close who does. 😊💕PC: @divaduck01 #ducksaspets
  • Saturday vibes when the weather is perfect for the beach, even though it's September! ☀️ #vamosalaplaya
  • We all want something. And we all want something right now. Success. Followers. Likes. Friends. Money. Fame. Change.⠀
But to be successful creatives, we have to delay this feeling of gratification. It takes hard work to achieve our goals, and if we only focus on the temporary satisfaction, we will not see the larger picture. 🌎 I'm working on putting my phone down, developing patience and knowing that what I create at work or on the side will be purposeful in the end. ⠀
Blog and biz friends, if you are looking to maximize your creative energy and focus on hard work to achieve your goals, I'm sharing key ways to do so on my blog! Click through the link in my profile @gina_alyse :) ✨💕
  • Remember, no matter where you are or what you are doing, our most natural state is joy. Smile today, on the outside and the inside. 😊
  • One thing I didn’t expect in my life? Running a nonprofit in my early 20s. It's definitely a journey, and these past few years have been both challenging and rewarding -- but we have seen so much growth! I'm talking all about it on my blog today if you'd like to read more! Link in profile >> @gina_alyse