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Hi! I'm glad you're here! I'm Gina, a content creator and digital designer, who loves helping people connect with their creative side. I'm also a little obsessed with traveling, and I love eating plants.

So while you're here, grab a smoothie, and get ready for a creative energy boost!

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  • Distraction isn’t just the enemy of work. It’s the enemy of rest.⠀
This week, I've tried to minimize distractions, or at least not scroll through my phone without a purpose. I deleted several apps that I didn't need to have on the go. "I use Facebook on my laptop, right?" It's been wonderful so far! For me, minimizing distractions helps me at work, but also helps me pursue the best kind of rest. Rest isn't lying on my bed scrolling through my phone. (Even though I like to think of it that way.)⠀
For me, it looks like getting up early (I still haven't gotten this far yet), reading a devotional, doing some yoga or stretching, making a good breakfast, journaling or reading a book. It sometimes means watching Netflix or being online. ⠀
Rest in its truest forms is where you can uncover the parts of your brain that are the core of who you are. Rest allows you to not be productive. But training our brains to not be productive is work. It takes intentionality and courage to go to the places in ourselves that need care. ⠀
We like to clean our rooms by tossing everything in the closet. ⠀
You see, we can't rest if we keep storing things up in our minds that we forget to clean. We can't rest if we are not on a firm foundation. If the floor is going to break through. ⠀
Cleaning, removing baggage and distractions, is work. We have twisted our lives up into information and to-do list overload that it's hard to get back to the main idea that we can rest knowing that our meaning doesn't come from what we do or don't do. It takes work to untangle our mindset.⠀
Today, let's minimize these distractions, allow ourselves to be free, and reconnect to who we need to be. We need to be rested.
  • What's the number one city to visit in 2018?! It just so happens to be my favorite Spanish city, Sevilla. It's famous for its orange juice and flamenco, its tapas and architecture, its parties and festivals, its history and its art scene. I highly suggest visiting this upcoming year or putting it on your wanderlust list. I find myself dreaming about the Plaza de España and the warm Sevilla sunshine. It culture is so lively - it has a special color, as the Spanish say. Don't miss a chance to devour the flavors of this city. If you go to Spain, this you can't miss.⠀
I've written a couple of travel guides about Sevilla on my blog. If you ever want to talk about going there, let me know!
  • I feel stuck a lot of times. What I learned recently from @allyfallon's writing workshop is that writing/journaling can be a great tool that helps us get unstuck. Here's what Allison said: ⠀
"Writing helps us...⠀
1. Break bad habits...⠀
2. Let go of the things that aren’t serving us...⠀
3. Get clarity on where we’re going and why it matters...⠀
4. See ourselves as the hero of our own story...⠀
5. Grow in confidence and clarity and passion...⠀
6. Forge a NEW way forward with compassion and courage and love."⠀
There's science AND there's stories behind each one of those things. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to break bad habits. I'm ready to let go of unnecessary baggage. I'm ready to clarify my calling — definitely ready to clarify where I'm going next. I'm ready to grow in confidence and grow as a person. I'm ready to write. ⠀
The goal of this type of writing is to not get stuck. Keep on going and see what words flow from you.
  • Sometimes our days are full of half-written drafts. Don’t look down on those days. Each day is a page in your edited and polished, beautiful story. It all started with messy scribbles. But God new how to edit those scribbles into his miracles.✨
  • We don't need to be afraid of what's around the corner, as long as we keep moving ahead. ☀️
  • Learn to love the skies you're under. Whether bright, cloudy, pink, purple, blue or gray. We can always make the most of our day.☀️🌸